The purpose of this blog is to explore Louisiana's strategy and capacity for advancing STEM education, careers, and workforce for all. Louisiana has its own array of STEM assets, strengths and approaches in place - thus this site is designed to discover these strategies and activities. Not just a PK12 issue - all stakeholders, higher education, workforce development, economic development, business & industry, are welcome to participate. Hopefully the site will pose and answer questions that will ultimately help guide and focus diverse partners in this effort.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


STEM is critical to continued innovation and new products that can help make the world a better place. STEM is also a key part of a healthy economy, business growth and stronger communities and good jobs. People with STEM backgrounds find careers in every part of our economy including medicine, construction, energy, oil and gas, environment, farming and finance.

However, it takes the entire community, strategic partnerships among PK12, higher education, business, government and non-profit, as well as parental involvement to foster an increase in individuals pursuing STEM careers. (BISEC-Business and Industry STEM Education Coalition)

Why Louisiana?

69,000 = The number of STEM-related jobs* Louisiana will need to fill by 2018, most of which require at least some college.

The future is closer than you think! See today's press release.

Ameritas Technologies Announces 300-Job Technology Center in Baton Rouge.
Ameritas will partner with state government and local colleges and technical schools to recruit, employ and train a new generation of skilled IT workers to support innovation and technology leadership in Louisiana. The 300 new direct jobs, with an average salary of $63,000, plus benefits, will result in an additional 306 new indirect jobs.

* 69,000 STEM Jobs (by category)

Computer and mathematical science ......20,000
Architects and technicians...................10,000
Engineers and technicians ...................24,000
Life and physical scientists ..................12,000
Social scientists ................................ 3,000


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